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We're a traumagenic soulbonding gateway system. Bodily 27 and white. Collectively vehement about fighting oppression and our individual personhoods. We have a lot of fictives and a rather staggering number of children, most of whom will not be featured here. We're inclusionists and radical leftists.


People will be added to this page with their permission and when time allows. Some of us may also use our pages as a blogging platform- depending on if we can figure out how :P


Yep, that's right. You thought it was a cute girl but it was me Miki Sayaka! I'm 14, you nasties!
...All joking aside, I think I'm glad to be here? It's weird being in a new brain and having it do things you weren't expecting, but I've decided to move forward with no regrets. I think I might be able to help people here, but I'm trying to figure out a better way to do it.

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I am Stridelight. You may also see me referred to as "Sis" Stridelight, do not call me that unless you have my express permission. If you must refer to me, use she/her pronouns. If you mess with my systemmates and comrades, you will be dealing with me. You do not want to end up dealing with me.


Hi, I'm Lika Domatsu and I'm the host, I guess. 27 ish but what even is age? She/her pronouns, I'm also a girl. Please don't assume I'm straight /lh, I'm pan and wlw. I'm passionate about Homestuck, Stardew Valley, Madoka Magica, shitposting and plural rights. Nami, Homura, and Stridelight are my sisters, I love them all but Nami is my platonic soulmate. Friendly local shonen protagonist and chaos gremlin/littol creacher >:3c

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I am Nami Domatsu. I am in my 30s and am the eldest sister. I am rather vehement about being a person despite my bodysharing circumstances. I joined social media to get involved with advocacy and assert my personhood, but my tweets have become about cursed babies. I am rather distant and formal, though I have loosened up somewhat in the last year. I will fight the ice horse.

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I am Akemi Homura. Also known as the local devil girl. I suppose I am 14. Do not assume I am a carbon copy of the portrayal depicted in my source- I am a full person. Do not talk to me about needle felting. I enjoy horror aesthetics and despise white rats. I have been adopted into a family as the youngest sister- Stridelight, Lika, and Nami are my elder sisters. I suppose that I am trying to atone for my past sins.

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Why I Will From Now On Be Acting Entirely Out of Character
By Akemi Homura of the Sharetheworld Collective
February 10, 2021
I almost wish I had been born a normal girl. "Almost" because without these circumstances, I would not have these particular sisters. But...all the same, the idea appeals to me. A normal girl, without these external constraints of circumstances and having to live up to my own identity.
There is an expectation placed on me: perhaps by society, or by myself- likely by both in tandem: In order to be fully "Homura" I must be distant, prickly, self-reliant, untrusting. Formal, overly serious, flat. I am not allowed to emote in certain ways. Which is a problem but honestly not as much as the emotional distance. I wish to be myself and I wish to be secure in my identity, but I also- just as strongly if not more- wish to love and be loved. I am lonely. I am yearning. I am historically unloved. I want, as any human does, to be accepted and valued, to be taken care of and cherished. I have always wanted this, even when I was deep in denial about it as it was too painful to accept. In some very real ways, I am very wounded. And yet the constraints imposed on me- the societal expectations- expect me to be antisocial and push people away. Doing so, for everyone involved, is misery.
So I am tempted to detach myself from the idea of "Homura the Puella Magi, who stops time and uses heavy weaponry and trusts no one" and instead simply be "The girl named Homura, Lika and Nami and Stridelight's little sister who likes needle felting and creepy horror monsters." All attributes to my identity that were not in source, but that I have picked up while living here.
My sisters (and brother) deserve better than someone who pushes them away because she cannot connect emotionally. As does my girlfriend, as do my friends. They all deserve reciprocation, vulnerability, and intimacy. And yes, sometimes I run from these things and push them away anyway, because they are intimidating prospects, and I am scared. But I try not to, and the people who care for me (and who I care for in return) at least deserve my best effort.

We have seen interpretations of my source character- on public websites that portray themselves as presenting definitive, accurate representations of media- TV Tropes- that say that I am “incredibly selfish”, that I “trust no one” and “refuse to accept any help”.

I am not going to dispute the “selfish” claim, despite my partner and confidant’s urgings. (>:(- Madoka) Doing so would only prove them right. And perhaps I am self-absorbed- I am writing an entire essay with my identity and feelings as the focus, after all.
But my purpose in bringing up those allegations is to give you an idea of societal views of “me”, of what it means to be “Homura”. These are the messages and expectations I am exposed to in the media and society and thus internalizing.

If I trust no one, refuse to accept help or be vulnerable, and only care for myself, then I am an unsuitable partner for my girlfriend.
And, for that matter, I would not have sisters. Were I acting that way- were I, the internet would argue, “properly myself”, I would have never have accepted my family’s offer to adopt me and take care of me, to give me the family I’d never had. But I did tearfully run into their arms. (Metaphorically speaking. Or perhaps not, but I prefer to claim so and leave it dubious. I do have some dignity.)

And the thing that I actually find to be the most fucked about these circumstances is that I have still felt pressure to be cold and “selfish” towards them in order to affirm and validate my identity.
I would not wish the pain of existential identity doubts on anyone. But I love them more- yes, I said it- than I “love” being authentically me, or at least more than being what society says I should be.

So I have decided to detach from pandering to societal pressure to act a certain way for validation.

For one thing, my memories and experiences cannot be retroactively altered. I am still “me” even if some unkind person calls me fake on the internet.
It is important to remember that their opinion cannot change the objective truth of my reality and my lived experience. Though that can be hard to remember in the heat of being invalidated.
But I think, perhaps, societal expectations placed on fictives and soulbonds are a bit harsh, perhaps due to them not being properly understood.
Because we are people, not characters, we are complex and have lives ahead of us. With any other person, it is a given that they have the capacity to change. They are also in full control- or something closer to it- of their self-presentation. Which was what I meant when I said I wanted to be a normal girl- I wanted the freedom to be casual, vulnerable, and affectionate with others.

And another thing to consider is that I may disagree with some of the actions taken in my source, my past. Especially when I was in a state of extreme psychological distress. I may have learned, or grown. Or perhaps even healed to some extent- a good friend pointed out that in my situation, being “canon compliant” would mean never recovering from my trauma.

I have done things that should never be forgiven, certainly. ( >:( >:(- Madoka) And I have held stances that I no longer take. For instance, I no longer believe in indiscriminately exterminating witches- I am proof they can be helped, at least to some extent. But I suppose my point is that I should not be required to continue to uphold and perpetuate those opinions and behaviors.

Remaining canon compliant also means staying frozen in time, never aging. I plan to be 15, and then 16 and onwards, as it generally goes. I do not want to be 14 and acutely traumatized our whole life, I am suffering like this. I do not know what I will be like at 16. Hopefully better adjusted.

And this is what I mean by fictivity not being well understood yet. We are not roleplaying, which means that we are not any less ourselves when we act in unexpected ways, but also means that this is not something we will stop doing. I worry that it is not largely understood that we are not characters, but people. We are not going to go away because our “mun” decides to stop playing us. Characters do not age and change over time without the aid of continued content, people do. Life goes on.

And I have been treated like a character, believe me, mostly by people who do not appear to be thinking, who have not realized the implications of my existence. I have had someone argue to my face that my abuser took no pleasure in my suffering. (I maintain he was actively malevolent. If you disagree do not even start.)
The important factor here is, to me it is not an abstract debate about media, it is my very real trauma and I do not need to hear that he “meant no harm” and “wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings.”
(And don’t even get me started on the time a singlet tried to trigger me into front with the image of him- a singlet that I had never met before but was expected to interact with, my host sister’s fiancé.)

I do think that part of this is that the plural community is in its infancy. I suspect that as the current generation of systems ages, more allowances will be made for fictive deviation. But we will have to see, and there needs to be an active cultural shift.

A fictive I know somewhat well is in her 30s, in her source, she was my age. To her, her source is just a memory of her embarrassing middle school years. Someday, I hope that I (and others in these circumstances) can be more like her, and my past will just be my past-
Just one attribute, a part of a larger, complex identity and history.

(And on an entirely petty note, I am tired of feeling like I am not allowed to laugh. It is an involuntary bodily reaction to humorous situations, and yes I am stoic but sometimes my physical form does things I cannot control. WRT to the allegations that I may have “laughed” watching Nichijou.)



Hi, I'm Madoka! I'm 14 and I use she/her pronouns. I'm still getting used to this new world, but it looks like I'm here with a second chance! I like Animal Crossing, Slime Rancher, helping those in need, and working on our system structure.

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Hello World!

Kaname Madoka
Hi everyone! So I'm really just writing a post so that something will be here, but expect more content in the future!
Lately I've been having thoughts on emotional availability and engagement. I used to be able to care about things to a much larger degree- before I came here as a soulbond. I was the classic over empathetic wreck- maybe I even cared too much ^^; But due to the host overextending herself and giving all of her emotional energy away trying to be an activist online, the body stopped being able to produce those emotions for several years. We dissociated from worldly affairs and politics, because we felt powerless and it only ended up upsetting us. But I'm tired of having the emotional capacity of a wet sock, and recently I was inspired by seeing someone in one of my circles caring passionately. It reminded me of the kind of person I want to be- and of what I had lost.
So I've decided to try to open myself up to having those sorts of feelings again- concern for others, warmth, maybe even indignation and offense at injustice. I feel like it's my moral duty as a citizen in this society- yes, I am in a marginalized position over here, but I also have so much to be grateful for and feel the need to give back and help others.
There's more to say on the topic, so I'll likely be taking this post down and putting up a more polished version in the near future. Keep an eye out for then! ^w^


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